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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
Roberto Duran:

Ken Buchanan
Ray Lampkin
Esteban De Jesus (x2)
Edwin Viruet (x2)

Benny Leonard:

Willie Ritchie
Johnny Kilbane
Jack Britton (x2)
Lew Tendler (x2)
Freddie Welsh (x2)
Soldier Bartfield (x3)
Johnny Dundee (x4)
Rocky Kansas (x4)

Doesn't this just speak for itself?

Yes, Leonard lost every once in a while, but you're talking about an era where you might fight four times in as many weeks. Nobody had a record like Leonard's back then apart from Harry Greb.

You can say Duran was better, and use that as part of your criteria - but if accomplishments are what you go by, there's no denying Benny Leonard.
All this might be true.... but the tele evidence of Benny is disgraceful to say the least so we`ll never know for sure.

Im one of those posters that like to see more than the black & white words of a fighters resume.

Ps. how many times have you read/heard about a fight then when you see it, it looks **** all like it was made out to be - THATS the reason you wont find Benny Leonard, Greb, Langford & co on my lists.

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