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Default Been overmatched..

Basicly im sparing the same guy most of the time, the same guy that bashed me the first time i ever spared! hes had loads of fights, is real slick, fast hands good movement etc,hes gone reasonably easy other times but today he didnt go easy on me i blocked alot of his punches the old gloves over face move, but he got a few in and i could barely hit him, i was also a bit conscious about my nose gettin busted again,it didnt atleast.Few questions:

I was moving back a bit when i was blocking his shots this is a no,no right? what should i be doing?

im starting to feel like this is a hinderance sparing someone as good as him all the time,im having to use a tight guard and i find it hard to hit him,i done decent tuesday but today he went tough on me and i couldnt get near him, he could read my punches and was quick to counter.

Now im no idiot i know this guy has loads more experience then me and is real quick, but when i asked my coach after training what do i need to work on, and he just said your man is too good for me???i know hes too good for me thats why i was askin for some areas to really focus on, he said i just need to keep training until things come more natural..which i suppose hes right but still..

And so im on here yet again looking for others to guide me, do you think this would be a problem for developing sparring someone that is much better then me?or is this a good thing? Im probly too good for any new guy there, and he is too good for me!
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