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Default Re: New GoldenGloves Special

Originally Posted by FIGHTERS View Post
A new television series featuring up and coming amateur boxers at the 2009 Golden Gloves was recently created, FIGHTERS: Road To The Golden Gloves, and the opening was featured by sports illustrated (<---- click the link to view or type “fighters road to the golden gloves opening” into youtube)

As the producer of this project, I firmly believe it is the jump start this great sport truly needs.

We are trying to garner support for this project, and we need the support of boxing fans worldwide. Please email with your comments, questions, suggestions, or to see how you can become involved in the creation of this new television series that I hesitate to call reality television, but instead, real television.

Spread the word, and let us know if you’re interested in seeing more.
This is a fantastic idea! Amateur boxing has missed major coverage for many years now. These kids are the future of the sport, what a way to increase the exposure of boxing in the States.

Just one suggestion if i may. The back ground of select fighters will make draw an emotional response from the viewers , if time and your format will permit( ala. HBO's 24/7) .

Good luck

What network will carry the show?

As an aside, the local angle is what has been missing in boxing promotion for years. Meaning the local hero aspect; it appears promoters are starting go back to their roots. In the early days the local boy fighting was the draw. Tunney in his early days is a prime example. A fighter gains local , then regional and finally national support.
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