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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Also, by 1980, Duran was just under "2" yrs ahead from fighting his last fight at 135 pounds against Esteban DeJesus on CBS TV............... Going into the fight in Montreal with SRL, Duran was 71-1-0 (55) Knockouts............. Duran weighed a solid 145 for Ray Leonard in Canada, but as stated before, I think Duran fought a warm-up fight prior to where he was 148 pounds.... To my knowledge, in 1980, 148 pounds was the most Duran ever brought into the ring for a fight......... And he didn't look like a slob, either.....

Duran never appeared slobbish to me at 148 and below........ I did, however, think Duran looked sloppy and sluggish in 1981 against Nino Gonzalez weighing a hefty 156 or 157 pounds........ That was the turning point in the career of Duran.... At age 30, Duran was no longer in his prime as a fighter, but he'd fight for another 20 yrs until 2001........



The freaky thing in 1981 with Duran is, he fought Nino Gonzalez in early to mid August and he looked soft / bloated, but 4 or 5 weeks later in Sept., Duran fought Luigi Minchillo in Vegas and I thought Duran looked a lot better at a solid 154 pounds..... Duran won a 10 rounder, but Minchillo was tuff in 1981 at Jr. Middleweight........
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