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Default Re: Injury/Training update

Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
I'm still reading but. These sessions are that of a professional athlete.
Nah mate i'm not a pro athlete, i just like to push myself hard. these few pages here are just a few months example of the training and type of routines ive used for years. the army helped me build a high level of fitness and ive worked hard to maintain that level over the years, but ive always been fit anyway having boxed from a young age.

These routines work though mate, especially the strength stuff and the circuit training. running is always hard, no matter how much you do it (it is for me anyway) but thats the beauty of it. you can always push yourself that bit harder each session, and for me thats what its all about.

Sometimes i feel i'm wasting my fitness to be honest, i dont box anymore and never turned pro and at 34 its unlikely that i will now, and ive never really been involved in any other sport. i train for personal reasons. simply to stay in shape and cos i enjoy it. but maybe this is why i'm considering re applying to the forces, for the challenge of it.. who knows.
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