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Default Re: ****py chins part 3

Originally Posted by mr. magoo
What does Ali's beating Liston have to do with my question regarding Floyd having a weak chin?

I'm still not convinced that Patterson's chin was glass. I'll repeat what I said before. Patterson was a veteran of 62 pro fights. In all those matches, he was stopped by only 3 men. Two of them were all time great champions ( Ali and Liston ), while the third was a better than average puncher in Johanson. I don't know how this defines a guy as being chinny, especially given the super acheivments that Floyd put together for his size.
Clearly, Patterson had a fairly decent chin or he could not have risen to a world title. Compared to other heavyweight champions, however, his chin was not very good. I think he certainly rates in the bottom ten.

Heres the poorest lineal champions in ko'd by percentage:
1. Leon Spinks (9-46 or 1 in 5)
2. Douglas (5-46 or 1 in 9)
3. Hart (5-48 or 1 in 10)
4. Tyson (5-58 or 1 in 12)
5. Willard (3-35 or 1 in 12)
6. Walcott (6-71 or 1 in 12)
7. Frazier (3-37 or 1 in 12
8. Rahman (4-51 or 1 in 13)
9. Patterson (5-64 or 1 in 13)

Here's a list of 1 round ko'd by's suffered by heavyweight champions in their entire careers:

1. Hart ko'd by Hanrahan
2. Dempsey ko'd by Flynn
3. Schmeling ko'd by Daniels
4. Schmeling ko'd by Louis
5. Walcott ko'd by Marciano
6. Patterson ko'd by Liston
7. Patterson ko'd by Liston
8. Liston ko'd by Ali
9. Leon Spinks ko'd by Coetzee
10. M Spinks ko'd by Tyson
11. Douglas ko'd by Savarese
12. Moorer ko'd by Tua

This is a list of ko'd by suffered by lineal heavyweight champions to the up to the age of 30:

1. 4 ko'd by--Schmeling, Carnera, Patterson, Douglas
2. 3 ko'd by--Walcott, Leon Spinks, Rahman
3. 2 ko'd by--Fitzsimmons, Hart, Johnson, Baer, Charles, Johansson, Tyson, Moorer

Not only is Patterson on all the lists, as the last one shows, he is unique in suffering four crushing stoppages in his prime. He was stopped four times between the ages of 24 and 30. Yes, Liston could punch, but in his other 52 bouts, Liston scored 6 first round knockouts. Patterson constituted 25% of his first round knockout victims.

Of the one round knockout defeats, most of the other champions suffered this disaster when either green or getting old or being downright old. Only Patterson and Leon Spinks were taken out in the first round between the ages of 23 and 31 and Patterson is unique in going out twice.

On balance--of the 36 lineal champions, Patterson is certainly in the bottom ten for chin, and a strong candidate for the bottom five.

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