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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by MRBILL View Post
No.. No, it doesn't... Styles make fights, etc......... Ben Leonard was a slick boxer with good technique and skill, but he couldn't bust an egg over a kitchen counter........ In my view, Benny Leonard's best chance of beating Roberto Duran in a time machine would be to fight the pre 1973 Duran at 135 pounds........... Duran was NOT in his true prime when he beat Ken Buchanan in New York in 1972.... At age 21, Duran was still shy of his real prime days / years..........

SO! Okay, perhaps the Benny Leonard of 1922 does indeed school the Duran of 1972 in a time machine, that I can believe is possible.... But the Leonard of 1922 / '23 fighting the Roberto Duran of 1974 / '75 at 135 pounds, no way would Benny Leonard beat that animal in the ring.......

What makes you say Leonard couldn't break an egg? He had a lot more power than his record indacates. He fought a lot of no decision or newspaper decision fights in which there was no reason to take risks or do anything more than go the distance. At his best a prime Leonard would outbox and hurt Duran.
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