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Default Re: Been overmatched..

Originally Posted by Jack Johnson View Post
I was moving back a bit when i was blocking his shots this is a no,no right? what should i be doing?
Correct. If you move straight back it's very easy for him to move forward and keep punching. Step away to the side, or even just walk right into him to smother his punches. You have to be fast through and throw punches while you do it. If you just take a step to the side and stand there he will turn and keep punching. Quick step or pivot to the side, throwing punches to create space to get away.

im starting to feel like this is a hinderance sparing someone as good as him all the time,im having to use a tight guard and i find it hard to hit him,i done decent tuesday but today he went tough on me and i couldnt get near him, he could read my punches and was quick to counter.

Now im no idiot i know this guy has loads more experience then me and is real quick, but when i asked my coach after training what do i need to work on, and he just said your man is too good for me???i know hes too good for me thats why i was askin for some areas to really focus on, he said i just need to keep training until things come more natural..which i suppose hes right but still..
Sparring someone who is better than you is the way you learn the quickest. I did all my sparring with people who were bigger and more experienced than me when I was starting out. The first time I was in the ring with someone my experience level was my first fight, and I won in one minute.

However your trainer should be giving you better advice than that. You're never going to improve if you aren't sure what you're doing wrong, or what you should be doing different.

If your trainer doesn't give you any advice try asking the guy that you are sparring with. Unless he's a jerk and doesn't want you to get better because he likes to look good in sparring, he should be willing to help you out and give you pointers.

You can also film your sparring and post the video here and we can give advice.
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