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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by MRBILL View Post
Look, all I'm saying is that for Leonard to have well over 200 pro fights, he only KO'd 70 guys................ That is NOT a high percentage at all....... Benny Leonard was not a serious puncher........ BUT! Having said that, even an average puncher fighter from any weight and any era can and sometimes shocks the public by scoring a vicious KO over a name opponent who was thought to have a solid beard....... Knockouts do happen in boxing......... But, most of the top challengers of the teens and 1920s were not in fear of Benny Leonard's power going into a fight with Benny....... Benny Leonard was mainly noted for his smooth skills and technique.... That's pretty much the bottom line on Benny Leonard......

As for Roberto Duran, well, he was often misjudged as being just a reckless brawler who had aggression and power as a lightweight of the 1970s........ Well, we all pretty much know now that was a lot of *******s and that Duran in fact was a damn gifted boxer who provided angles, along with skilled maneuvers while attacking his victims.....

Now, Duran was indeed a gifted boxer, but not a runner type........ Duran normally stood his ground in ring center and merely took them stutter steps to the side when seeking another angle...... Duran was NOT the type of boxer like Ali or Ray Leonard who'd utilize the whole Goddamn ring by moving all over the place............ Duran's style and approach was different.... Yet he was a boxer, and a fine one at that.........

In my view, Duran is too strong and powerful for Benny Leonard in a time machine........ Benny would score points and fluster Duran early on, but eventually, Duran would get through to Leonard and begin breaking him down........ I see Duran scoring a late round TKO over Benny Leonard....

Put this on a Duran vs. Leonard thread. As it happens, I agree with you (but by decision), but we're talking about their accomplishments.

And to the poster who said 'head-to-head is a good criteria' - it is, depending on what you want. And I already said that. For me, accomplishments and how good a fighter was for his time is more important than a direct match up.
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