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Default Re: Been overmatched..

Originally Posted by dfh85 View Post
Hey man I know the feeling. Try spar with the older heads they are wise and humble and happy to teach.

Those young slick guys are too busy with themselves to care about you. They will tell you what they were told because normally they don't care what you're doing wrong.

This older head ****ed me up but he did it nicely. He was teaching me that in boxing you have to get hit. Cause I was always throwing punches without commiting myself - I was too focussed on escape rather than attack so I was leaning back throwing punches which stopped an inch infront of his head. He showed me to roll my back more and extend a little more and I was connecting more. U gotta risk getting hit to land shots. I didn't understand that cause I'd watched Pro's box who never get hit or rarely take shots.

So like dude said above me, ask that guy ur sparring with. If he wont help then do what I do. Introduce urself to the older heads in the gym and just ask if they want to spar a few rnds with you. If u are humble and thankful they become like another trainer cause now my guy will give me tips when I'm on the bag and when I'm shadow boxing.

Only this he did say which I was confused about was "Dont do that with your hands".. I would go into tight guard when I was tired and he said when I did that I was inviting him to hit me.
Thats a good idea but unfortunitly there aint too many older heads in my gym. The guy i spar was reasonably helpful il try and ask him again, but your right he enjoys sparring me i make him look even better (he is good in fairness)
And yea i feel when im sticking my hands up high to block him im inviting him to hit me which he inevitabley does. My ****in coach doesnt tell me anything, except to do that.
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