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Default Re: Been overmatched..

Originally Posted by Jack Johnson View Post
Thanks again Righthooker, i was going to ask him yesterday, i have asked him once before on a few tips and to be fair to him he did help me out..i just wasnt in the mood asking him yesterday, but i suppose il ask him again after we spar next week.

I know its hard to be giving advice when you've never seen me spar, but basicly he reads me like a book, ive the hands up high pressing him and he just goes bang,bang. I feel like the only thing i can do is block with the arms up covering my face,and then try and get something still trying to not blink when hes hitting me aswell. Is there any other effective defending that would allow me to counter gonna start by stepping off to the sides more.
you dont have to keep your hands glued to your face all the time, but its good technique for counter punching, because it invites your opponent to punch, and it helps to see patterns in your opponets punching/movement. When opponent attacks me, he opens up and that gives me opportunity to get my shots in. You can lower those hands and try to quickly counter by moving your head a little to the side, duck and counter etc......I dont know how tall you are and how effective you are fighting from outside, and how tall your opponent is, most of the people that I have to train with are taller than me so it its best when I invite them in. You do whatever is most comfortable for you given your physical strenghts and advantages/disatvantages
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