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Default Re: Been overmatched..

Sounds like you have a bad coach. As said before, the more experienced partner should be holding back and helping you learn, but since he's not... here's what you do.

1. He's better than you, you know that, so don't try to magically be better than him over night.

2. When you are sparring, pick one thing to work on. Concentrate on that, and keep working on it until you start being able to do it more effectively. For example. Practice slipping his punches. Just keep doing that. Sure he'll hit you, but you'll get better at that one thing. It's one thing to put in the ****nal. Keeping this one task in mind, you'll be able to put full attention to it, and improve it.
Next do the same thing with something else. I recommend the Jab. Just go in there with the intention of landing a jab and covering up. Eventually you will be able to land your jabs. Keep building like that, adding new moves to the ****nal.

3. They will tell you to do other things, but don't worry about that. Your better off being a master at one thing then medicore or bad at lots of things.
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