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Default Re: Anything wrong with being a brawler?

Originally Posted by Jennifer Love Hewitt View Post
Being one dimensional is never optimal. You can be a banger, but still use skills. You mentioned older Mike Tyson...why not try to be like Younger Mike Tyson?
Moving out of the way of punches or blocking them is preferred to taking them. I'd also recommend dropping weight. At your height, that's pretty heavy. Guys that weigh in 170 are probably legit cruiser weights. Who walk around at 190, and are like 6'3.
Yeah...I speak of Older Tyson because he didn't move his head much, and just fought. Do you guys think since I like to brawl, and have much the same advantages (compact, strength, etc), and disadvantages (short) I should try to work his style? I just enjoy being on top of the action so I hate to angle all the time, step in and out, etc. I can do it if I focus, but if I'm stronger than my sparring partners, and shorter of course...Don't feel like I need too. Any tecniques, certain kind of boxing work, maybe a fighters style, etc that I should do/ look in to?
As for my weight I know what you mean. I am a pretty solid 170 pounds, BUT I do realize it'd be waaaaay to heavy for amatuers. It's the reason I never bothered fighting amatuers. a good tall guy (whom weighs more than me naturally), with a decent jab, and some good footwork would pick me apart. Even if I did win...I'd still get my head jabbed off.
I love boxing though, I love sparring, etc. So, just want to take full advantage of what I have, and still not sure if I'd ever want to go further or not.
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