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Default Re: Rocky Marciano -vs- Floyd Patterson

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49
look here, a peak 1951 rocky marciano knocks out patterson. your telling people that patterson will be able to outmuscle and outbrawl rocky marciano??? cause thats pattersons style. pattersons handspeed is the only thing that could give marciano fits, and even then marcianos workrate, strength, power will negate floyds speed. look wut happened when ingo hit floyd, imagine wut will happen when marciano hits floyd?

or is somehow ingo a better puncher than marciano?
Floyds handspeed and his punches getting there before Rockys is exactly how I see him giving Rocky problems and knocking him down. Floyd is an excellent boxer but yes he would probably engage and it would depend how strategic he was when he engaged in if he could pull off the upset. I expect each fighter to hit the floor and have a Floyd-Ingo or Hamed-Kelly type war.

Ingo was a damn good puncher and pretty underrated. He ko'ed a common opponent faster than Liston

In a 3 fight series prime for prime I would expect it to go 2-1 Maricano.

Welcome back its been a while since we argued

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