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Default Re: Larry Merchant on Hector Camacho......

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
When push come to shove Camacho lacked that certain little X-factor to become an ATG. He had all the talent, but lacked that extra bit of heart needed to reach the pinnacle at the end of the day. That real grit. His fellow light hitting speedster Pernell Whitaker had it in spades when needed. Whitaker ended up a genuine great, while Camacho fell short.
I think Camacho was a great fighter. A lower level. Like Hernandez, McGuigan etc They got one solid win and good wins, Camacho built up a better career overall. Nevertheless it resulted in being recognised as something special. He wasn't Leonard or Robinson but someone can remain a factor in the game for as long as he did, it has to be respected. Plus, when all is said and done, no one really put him away. When you've faced DLH, Tito, Chavez etc that is special.

Camcho was a top dog but he never did have that x factor. That extra something that brought out those special nights but I believe he did a good job nevertheless.
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