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Default injury advice

Hi all , i am currently injured! I know resting is the most important thing i have also been ill lately so rest is something i have done in abundance!! I was just wondering if there is anymore advice you have, anything at all. Its been 2-4 weeks now. Its my ankle - i think its the achillies but i really dont know. The pain isnt enough to stop me walking on it or even running. Its more when im on my toes, skipping or pushing of the back foot to move forward. Its really hampering me big time so any advice is much appreciated. Do i need more rest? Are there supports and or bandages that people would suggest? I really want to get back into training as soon as possible.

Also any advice on prevention would be good too. Stretching obviously a key which i need to work on. What about recovery products i try to stay away from anything like that ( including protein shakes) but i am willing to try anything. Any foods that are suggested to to help prevention and recovery?? At the moment my diet is OK i dont eat **** but i dont eat great either admitadly

Thats alot of questions and very long winded i know but any help at all is really appreciated!!!
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