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Default Re: Larry Merchant on Hector Camacho......

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Rosario is perhaps my favourite lightweight ever, not the best or even close i know, but there was that something about him. I must have watched that right hand vs Viruet 20 times over, lord what a shot.
And even more astonishing, didn't Viruet actually beat the count in getting back up? (That's what I recall from distant memory.)

JT, you may recall, as an interesting side-note to Rosario/Viruet, the drastic change in Viruet's style over his previous few matches to how he had boxed through most of his career.

Even the most "feather fisted" world class boxers can deliver a punch with significant clout when they choose to. Viruet's contemporary and rival, Vilomar Fernandez, decked Howard Davis Jr. in round two, and chased him all over the ring. In one of his final televised appearances, Fernandez also seriously buckled his opponent early in round one. (I forget if it was Angel Cruz or Billy Parks.) Vilomar also retired Monroe Brooks in two rounds.

While I only saw Fernandez volitionally deviate from his safety first style for his vicious assault against Davis, Edwin Viruet was an entirely different matter. Sometime after his split decision loss to DeJesus, he turned into a super-aggressive attacker, slamming bodyshots underneath, and pummeling outclassed and overmatched adversaries, beginning a three bout knockout streak by dispatching Stormin' Norm Goins in nine.

(Afterwards, he provided an entertainingly belligerent and rousing post fight interview in ring center for the viewing audience. For somebody with whom English was a second language, Eddie V. could always raise a storm when a microphone and camera were broadcasting his messages, especially with the pugnacious expressions he fixed directly at the viewer. Hell, I thought he was a better postfight interview than Ali! What a delightfully nasty attitude!)

It was certainly a far more audience friendly style that he had adopted, but still, it was taking him eight or nine rounds to finally beat his victims down for the count. If Viruet had used the earlier style which allowed him to twice survive against, frustrate, and **** off Duran so much with Rosario, he might have survived the distance. But his newly developed in-ring aggression was reviving his career. It was also a suicidal way to combat El Chapo, who immediately demonstrated his ring generalship and mastery of Viruet.

Too bad Viruet couldn't have beaten up some more bums on the tube before taking on somebody of Rosario's calibre, just so he could have given some more of those pugnacious post fight self-promotions. (Remember how, while Duran was waiting for the decision to be announced after his ten rounder with Adolfo Viruet, he walked right up to brother Edwin, dressed in street clothes, and punched him in the mouth? If Duran and Eddie V. ever meet for a boxing exhibition, or even on the street, send me a ticket! Roberto might have been able to make peace with DeJesus, but I suspect he and the Viruet boys will always get along about as well as Giardello and Fullmer.)
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