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Default Re: Rocky Marciano -vs- Floyd Patterson

I don't think this would be a cakewalk for Marciano although I do think he would win. Floyd's handspeed would be troublesome for Rocky as would his in and out hopping type footwork. If you stand in front of Rocky and are of similar size then you're asking for trouble because sooner or later he will catch up to you. Patterson's best chance I feel would be to utilize his superior hand speed early and try to cut Rocky above his eye or eyes and try to force a stoppage on cuts. With Rocky's tendency to cut this is a distinct possibility. Floyd doesnt want to go into the trenches with Rocky for obvious reasons and Rocky carried his power late into a fight so Floyd would always have to be wary of this so I think his best chance lay in an early to mid round stoppage on cuts and get the hell out of there while he can with all his faculties intact.
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