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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

I like Vitali here. Bad matchup for Bowe.

I'm watching Vitali-Lewis as I type this, and what a fight it was. Lewis was in the worst shape of his career to be fair though, and Vitali came to fight. He landed some bombs early on against Lennox that pretty much disproved the notion that Lewis had a weak chin. Vitali was really hungry in that fight, he's not even close to the same guy now as he was back then.

I think Bowe is in trouble against skilled SHW's with good straight shots. His style/strengths/weaknesses make him very tough to beat if you're a brawler, but against guys like Lennox/Vitali/Golota the holes in his game get exploited. It's hard for me to pick guys under 220 to beat Bowe, the guy's the best superheavy of all time on the inside and one of the two best offensive superheavies of all time in my opinion, maybe the best. He also is one of the toughest SOB's to ever step in the ring. I give the edge to Vitali based primarily on styles, but it would be a brawl.
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