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Default Re: Larry Merchant on Hector Camacho......

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1

A legend in his own lunchbox. Titles? Just two. He didn't beat the top fighter for his title at 130 nor beat the best of the division, exactly the same at 135 excepting Rosario who wasn't the top fighter at the time and many thought beat him, and we won't even talk about that matchbox BO title at 140. Lets face it, Hector didn't beat the top fighter in any division he fought in, these are the facts. He fought a few, but got beaten everytime. There's a barometer right there

you're the only person who holds that view. mayweather was candidate for ****py chin of the year and shouldn't even have been in boxing.

"Many thought beat him" who's "many", you? Are you the "many" you're talking about?

You don't win fights winning just three out of 12 rounds, its mathematically impossible.

Hector beat your man and you just can't admit it. it's nice for edwin to have that consolation prize of wba championship. its a good thing the title was split.
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