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Default Re: Larry Merchant on Hector Camacho......

Originally Posted by redrooster
you're the only person who holds that view. mayweather was candidate for ****py chin of the year and shouldn't even have been in boxing.
Mayweather was considering alongside Camacho at the time, there was no talk of ****py chins and the like yet. Not bad, winning a title for someone who shouldn't have been in boxing

"Many thought beat him" who's "many", you? Are you the "many" you're talking about?
4/5's of his homeland actually. Our very own SS too.

You don't win fights winning just three out of 12 rounds, its mathematically impossible.
Exactly, so stop whining about Hagler - Leonard

Hector beat your man and you just can't admit it. it's nice for edwin to have that consolation prize of wba championship. its a good thing the title was split.
Hector sure wasn't going near the Bramble El Chapo beat for the title, was he

Close fight, a draw would have been fair.
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