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Default Re: Anything wrong with being a brawler?

Originally Posted by scotchpieirnbru View Post
It sounds to me that you can box a bit but have got lazy becuase your size allows you to bully lighter/weaker guys.

Im a tall, slender fighter, and i love using footwork to fight guys of your build. Have you found you get your head jabbed off fighting better quality fighters?

If i were you i'd work on your cardio a bit more as weightlifters usually get slightly slack on this, and try to get back into the habit of moving in and out more, mixing it up with different shots.

A decent fighter will expose your brawler style easliy. If i were you, get back to a high work level and use your skills as you cleary have some.
I think you are correct about the lazy part. I do keep a high guard though so not many people can jab my head off...Of course they jab my guard while I walk towards them, but eventually I counter (whenever they throw I just blast them first), or I walk them down on the inside, and then work on them. I really don't take many flush shots. The only people who really hit me flush are people who are incredibly quick, great at feinting, or very good at working the angles.
I did take your guys advice though, and going to start working with a partner, and practice more head movement, and using more footwork. I think I do got the gifts to bang with most people (good power, a good chin, and quick hands), but to be exceptional I think I really need to add more to my game.
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