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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

Originally Posted by Rubber Warrior View Post
He had leverage on his sloppy arching overhand right - yes.

Gonzalez and Vitali are a hemisphere apart in terms of ability, focus, professionalism and grit.
The problem with me and Rid**** Bowe and I often get into ****ing matches about him, is because I saw a very good fighter coming up the ranks. I saw a guy who showed tremendous championship heart in taking Evander Holyfields title. No fighter up until that point or after was able to do to that version of Evander Holyfield what Bowe did. Even in the Golota fights the shell of Bowe was still able to make Golota foul out and quit. Has Vitali ever faced a fighter like that even? How would he respond to Bowe who would basically have to be KO'd to stop him. Hes never come out of a tough grueling fight on top even with a depleted great fighter.
That took focus, determination and ten tons more grit than Vitali has ever shown in his career. That in itself is what propels a fighter with less physical attributes to conquer bigger stronger men, and what what Evander made a career out of. So when you factor that in with Bowe's size and ability at his best, he was truly one of the great talents.
That being said, it was short lived and wasted by his total lack of understanding that staying in shape was paramount for competing on the championship level regardless of what opponent was in front of him.
So really Bowe peaked at the first Evander Holyfield fight, that was the best he could be, and what I usually think of when comparing him to other fighters. What would Bowe at his best do to Vitali K. If your speaking of the Bowe that fought Herbie Hide, or Golota, thats a different story, and I fully understand why most people dont think highly of him, but talent for talent, Bowe was a better fighter than Vitali in all departments.

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