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Default Re: Rid**** Bowe vs Vitali Klitschko

Posted by Rubber Warrior
Stylistically, Bowe matches-up poorly with what we have been seeing from Lurch on his comeback. His arching overhand right would be deflected by Vitali's well-timed left arm as we saw over and over again with Arreola. Bowe never had a straight, short right hand....and even if he did it wouldn't help him with Vitali....again given the styles at play.

Bowe often shuffled forward behind his left jab and then threw that arching right. His left jab would be his best weapon with Vitali. His inside game wouldn't even be a factor.

For Klitschko's part, he likes to throw combinations, and I think after the first three or four rounds as Bowe becomes more frustrated he'd be landing them.

I'd bet the farm on the 38 year-old I saw a few months ago over Rid**** Bowe.
This fight would be determined with the jab. Rid**** Bowe was only troubled by fighters that could out jab him.

Rid**** Bowe was outjabbed, at times, by Tubbs, Holyfield, and Golota. Vitali does not have that type of jab. Vitali jabs are less committed feelers. Vitali is a fighter Bowe stands a good chance of winning the jab battle against.

Bowe gives up a couple inches in height, but has an inch advantage in reach. It is not as though Bowe is a much shorter fighter Vitali can move in and out of ranch at will against. Bowe would be looking to nail him with the jab, and anything else he can afterward.

Bowe's right hand would be far more dangerous than Arreola's, because of Bowe's ability to establish his jab.
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