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Default Re: Larry Merchant on Hector Camacho......

Originally Posted by redrooster
I suppose that means I should overlook the fact roger crumpled like a cheap deck of cards the following year. because there was no talk of his ****py chin at the time, that makes Roger the #1 titlist that Hector "failed" to meet.
The following year doesn't count sorry. Mayweather pre Lockridge was considered all but on par with Camacho, on par for some.

And lets not forget the reason why Roger was so highly touted-----the reason is?
If you were as well travelled back in the 80's as you claim you wouldn't need be asking. Maybe you are like the barbers cat, full of **** and wind

why should he? Hector won and was the champ-and Hector's not interested in fighting retreads like Rosario, much less a guy edwin retread ko'd in two.
I meant pre Rosario. Hector went for the much slower and better stylistic fit in Ramirez. Still possibly his best win ever tho. I'd say it might be his best exhibition. I am not so agenda laden as to claim this wasn't a superb performance. Ramirez suited him, and Camacho sure put on a helluva display.
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