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Default Re: Punching with weights

For clarification, the weights I was using when told to stop, were 5 lbs. I mean, our gloves for traning on average are prob. 14-16 oz. so can't see how anything in that range is going to do any more harm then the nature of what we do.

There was an interesting show on discovery regarding the feeling of quickness, in relation to baseball players warming up before stepping into the box with donuts on their bats or 2 bats or w/e. For like 100 + yrs baseball players have been doing this because once that weight comes off you get the feeling you are now faster. So therefore hit harder, further. Seemed logical, right? Was proven to be false. It actually slowed bat speed, and is a deterrent as science proved. Not sure how that translates to other sports, but interesting stuff.
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