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Default Re: What's the deal with the Ricky Hatton song?

Originally Posted by Sai
Blue Moon is his ringwalk song. Its the club song of Man City, he was on trial with them as a kid and his Dad used to play for them as a pro.
He isn't talking about Blue Moon though, he is talking about WInter WOnderland.

To answer (though I'm sure others have already done so), it derives from a football (soccer) song. We take popular songs and change the words to something cheeky in support of our team or against the opposition, for example, Manchester United songs changed the words to Winter WOnderland as a message to the Chelsea Manager Jose Morinho, who had taken Chelsea to the top of the league the past two seasons, taking the title away from Man United, the song went as follows...

Mourinho are you listening? You better keep that trophy glistening cause we'll be back in May to take it away, walking in a Fergie wonderland! (Fergie is Alex Ferguson, the United manager).

There is a certain irnoy in choosing very snappy, happy and upbeat songs like christmas caroles and nursery rhymes to sing songs of hatred and pride.

Other songs you will hear at Manchester United games...

To the tune of Volare. This is in referance to a United Vs ****nal FA cup game where ****'s midfielder Patrick Viera misplaced a pass which Uniteds Ryan Giggs intercepted and went on to score an amazing goal...
Viera wooooo, Viera Wooooo
He gave Giggsy the ball and ****nal won **** all
(repeat ad infinitum).

To the tune of Oh my darling Clementine. City = Manchester City, Scousers are people from Liverpool, both hated enemys...
Build a bonfire,
Build a bonfire,
Put the Scousers on the top,
Put City in the middle,
And we'll burn the ****ing lot

To the tune of "My Old Man" (y'know... "My old man said follow the van and don't dilly dally on the way...). Manchester City are Ricky's team.
My old man said be a City fan,
And I said *******s you're a ****,
I'd rather **** a bucket with a big hole in
Than be a City fan for just one minute,
With hammers and hatchets, stanley knives and
We'll show the City *******s how to fight (How
to fight),
I'd rather **** a bucket with a big hole in
Than be a City fan...

To the tune of, well, dunno what it is called but you know the "Nick Nack Paddy Wack Give a Dog a Bone....
U N I T E D, United are the team for me, With a nick
nack paddy whack give the dog a bone,
Why don't city **** off home?

Not forgetting the 12 days of Christmas song which has just been changed to the 12 days of Cantona (big United hero). Hehe, that's a great one!

Well, anyway, I hope that gives you some idea. They are just a handful of world famous childrens type songs that have been changed for the benefit of support.

It is typical British humour, we love our irony, we love our support and atmosphere and we ****ing love chanting and singing. Maybe America doesn't get it yet but the rest of teh world does. Every other country used to look at us funny when we would sing our sings, now they all do it. Go to any game in Europe and you will hear similar songs, in most cases the exact same songs, sung in English but with their team added. South America joined us, Africa joined us, Asia joined us, etc etc.

I'm proud of the atmosphere we can create!

P.s. If you are interested in other Manchester United chants, there is a great site here where you can read the lyrics and listen to them being sung live... actually, those are chants from all British clubs, not just UTD).
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