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Default Re: What's the deal with the Ricky Hatton song?

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
All? Only Ricky is from there.And that tit Scott Harrison doesnt count. Witter is from Bardford thats hardly north is it.. more like the midlands to me.Anyway it matters not as ALL the talent is down here.
Khan is from Greater Manchester. Gomez is from Manchester, Mike Brody from Manchester, Matthew... There's ****ing loads!

Prince Naseem was from Sheffield. And the only reason Bradford is more like the Midlands to you is because you are a typical Southern ***** who couldn't care less about anything North of Watford! Check your maps, Bradford is about 20 miles north east of Manchester, next to Leeds.

I haven't even mentioned Scouse boxers here, Liverpool has had it's fair share of decent fighters.

London boxers... Well there's Bruno and 'Enery Cooper isn't there? They haven't really had a decent fighter for years, Eubank and Nigel Benn were the best you have had as far as I'm concerned. Joe Calzaghi was born in London but he got out as soon as he could the clever *******!

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