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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

Originally Posted by sweetsci View Post
I've got to agree with McGrain - Louis-Schmeling in 1938 is number 1, Johnson-Jeffries is number 2. I'd put Frazier-Ali I at #3. After that I'm not so certain. Today I'll say Tunney-Dempsey II at #4, Ali-Foreman at #5, and Ali-Liston I at #6.

Ali-Liston may seem like a strange pick, but it seems like people were really paying attention at the time, even though they thought Liston would destroy Clay. Ed Sullivan brought his show, and the Beatles, down to Miami the Sunday before the fight, for what that's worth. In the U.S., that type of promotional coverage is only reserved for the Super Bowl these days.
In your second paragraph there's much truth in what you say.
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