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Default Re: What is the biggest fight in boxing history?

build up wise probably Ali-Frazier 1 and 3. I was barely 9 but couldnt get away from the talk which I knew nothing of and had no interest in. It takes a special athlete to gain my notice. Notice I said ATHLETE, not celebrity.

Of utmost importance it was Hagler-Hearns. I would say Leonard-Hagler but that fight was way past due. Hagler-Hearns was the right fight at the right time.

Hype wise it didnt get special attention but it was because going into the summer of 84, and later throughout the fall, interest intensified. By early spring '85, the outcome of this fight was on the minds of every man, woman, and child in the United States, so intriguing was this rare matchup. Surely the most anticipated fight ever and the most electrifying.
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