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Default Re: Marciano Harder Hitter than Lennox Lewis

Originally Posted by roxyboxy
This is pretty much exactly what I was discussing in my first post. Dynamic strength is the same thing as explosive strength. it's the kind of strength that lets 130 pound bulgarian powerlifters press 400 lbs over their heads. it is well known that bodybuilders, who have extreme mass, do not possess the same kind of dynamic strength as powerlifters with less mass. the process for training and recruiting the two muscle fiber types is different, and explosive people are gifted with a percentage of muscle fibers that contract more quickly. you cannot increase the percentage of those fibers, but you can increase the size of slow-twich fiber.

A boxer may be 250 pounds, but certainly nothing beyond STATIC strength coming from moving that weight around says that he will punch HARDER than and explosive 200 pounder.
Yes but Lennox is more explosive than Marciano when he throws powerpunches.

And remember Super-HEavy weight lifters lift far more than 130lb weight lifters.

You can actually turn on slow twitch to be semi-fast twitch with training. And you can enlarge fast twitch fibre too.
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