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Default Re: How many wins would Frazier have vs

Louis~ Louis, although Frazier would have his moments.

Marciano~ Marciano (understand why others pick Frazier.)

Liston~ Liston

Ali~ Ali...just.

Foreman~ Ummmmmm....yeah, that about says it all.

Holmes~ Holmes.

Holyfield~ Frazier edges a close decision. A bit like Holyfiedl-Qawi 1, except Frazier actually can really hurt Holyfield.

Lewis~ Lewis

Tyson~ If I think Marciano can withstand Tyson's early round assault, Frazier can too. Frazier in the later rounds.

Bowe~ Frazier.

Vitaly ~ Frazier

4 out of 10.
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