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Default Re: Marciano Harder Hitter than Lennox Lewis

Originally Posted by JimboDs
Which of these two fighters hits harder is kind of a stupid argument unless you define it.

If you put them both in front of an objective testing dummy and let them throw their best punch, the heavier Louis would likely win.
However, that doesn't mean that he hits as hard on average in a combat situation. This is where contrasting skill sets make a big difference. Marciano was better at throwing and landing a variety of damaging power punches in succession and knocked more fighters out as a result.

Lennox had the ability to hit very hard with his right hand when the right opportunity arose, but he was a much more tentative fighter and did not force his opponents to endure kind of sustained pummeling that Marciano gave his opponents.

There's a lot of apples and oranges that goes on in power arguments if you take a narrow view of it.
My definition is which fighter is more likely to produce knockouts in the ring. I'm not interested in theoretical power, as it can't be measured. The record tells us at least something about who can score knockouts in the ring.
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