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Default Re: Who has best chance of beating prime Larry Holmes

Originally Posted by Stevie G View Post
A similar thread was done on Ali a little while ago. Let's go with Mr.Holmes. Ones that I figure have the best chance are. The 1964-67 and 1972-74 versions of Muhammad Ali,FOTC Joe Frazier,Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. George Foreman would always have a puncher's chance. Although I'd make Holmes favourite,I calculate that if Foreman caught him with a right the way Shavers did,George would n't let him off the hook. I can't discount Tyson here either,but I'd still make Larry the favourite. The only other one I'd give a fair to middling chance to is Lennox Lewis.
Holmes could be brought down a peg by those with a busy left jab. The Tim Witherspoon match demonstrates this, as does his bout with "Truth" Williams. Take Larry's jab away, or nullify it to an extent, and he could be forced to fight.

Pick those with busy left jabs and go from there.
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