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Default Re: How to box an in and out fighter?

Originally Posted by GNARL View Post
This matters largely on your fighting style. If you prefer to fight on the outside and catch him as he comes in or even fight closer but counter, you have to make him come to you. Do this many ways. Faking, body movement, footwork, there are many types of different ways to draw your opponent in. If you like being the aggressor/ pressure fighter, make sure you give him too much pressure to handle, cut the ring off, don't let him breathe for second and when you come in, come with strong combinations. You must not have any hesitation in your technique for this style to work. You have to truly believe in your punches. Also, your fighting preference should be partly based on your personality style. Extrovert, most aggressive, introvert, more defensive.
Ahh I see, well my fighting style is a little of both. I'm faster than the guy and everytime he comes in he does throw the same thing *lead right hand, uppercut* but after that he runs, so maybe lure him in then corner him?
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