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Default Re: Curly's Official Boxing Equipment Thread

Originally Posted by curly View Post
Adidas "Tranning" Boxing Gloves

Very comfortable, well padded and suitable for both bag and sparring. Adjustable elastic Velcro strap, comes in 8oz - 14oz. Artificial leather, so easy to get rid of the blood and gel injected so the cushion will last.

Effectiveness 4/5 - A good glove, not so soft that you are hitting with pillows and not so hard that it feels like concrete. Protects your hand well, you'll have to hit pretty hard to feel the object on your knuckles
Style 3/5 - meh
Durability 4/5 - Created with durability in mind. All stitching is doubled. Not sure how well the gel will hold up tho, only time can tell.
Cost 5/5 - 28.00 on sugar rays. That's a deal, that's a steal, that's the sale of the ****ing century!
Just got these in red and 14oz, they have 16oz available now too. How are they holding up?
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