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Default Re: What general advice would you give to a beginner, looking back at it

The most important thing is putting the time into it. The more comfortable you are in the gym, the better you will do in a match. Also, don't be defensive when people give you constructive criticism, we all want to think we are the ****, but that doesn't make it true.

If you have a car and are able to drive, you should also check around for the best boxing gym to learn in. I know that none of the gyms in my city are great, but the best gym in the province is only a half hour drive away.

Don't EVER take an unofficial boxing match... I took a match with a bigger guy from work, we did it at a party, I got my ass kicked by someone with no knowledge of boxing. No refs to stop low blows or rabbit punches, I had bruises on the back of my neck, serves me right for acting like a moron and expecting a clean fight in someones backyard...

Learn from my horrible mistakes...
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