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Default Re: How to box an in and out fighter?

Originally Posted by paloalto00 View Post
Had sparring today and my sparring partner has the tendency to come in and throw one punch and immediatly come out, well the problem is everytime I come in he backs up immediatly and it turns into a game of cat and mouse..... with maybe 6 punches in total being landed :/

So I was wondering should I chase them down or just let them come to me???
Here's how you beat him. You run from him. He will have to become the aggressor, which he probably won't like. Throw a jab at him, but throw it with no intention of hitting him. He will try to counter, but you have to be aware of this, because what you REALLY want to do is counter his counter! That's why you throw the first jab without trying to hit him, you just want to bait him into counter punching. Then you come over and hit him him once. After that either move away, or grab him and rough him up with some inside hits on the clinch. repeat the cycle. If your timing is oaky, it works every time against the these types.
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