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Default Re: How many wins would Frazier have vs

Louis 40/60

Marciano 45/55

Liston 25/75

Ali 40/60

Foreman 10/90

Holmes 40/60

Holyfield 40/60

Lewis 20/80

Tyson 20/80

Bowe 35/65

Vitaly 50/50

365/1000 or 3.65 projected wins out of ten. I'd guess 4. Frazier's main problem is he doesn't match up well vs big punchers, and although he beat some big heavies, he didn't look great vs Mathis or Bugner.

This list is full of punchers, and much better big heavies. Sorry Frazier fans. If Charles, Corbett, and Tunney were on the list, I'd pick Frazier in these fights.

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