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Default Re: What general advice would you give to a beginner, looking back at it

Originally Posted by amy View Post
Fraud is a strong word. I outgrew my coach about a year and a half ago. He wasn't a fraud, just not an experienced coach. He was more of a teacher of the basics rather than a coach that should be taking actual athletes to the national level. He was good for that, and not equipped to take it to a higher level, but by no means a fraud.
If your a coach you should have the knowledge to physically train somebody correctly.

You should have the knowledge to correctly advise food intake.

You should know all of the fundamentals and how they fit in with one another.

You should know about muscle development through training.

You should know what it feels like to box or have an unusually creative imagination.

You should know about periodisation.

You should know about developing speed and power......

Nearly every trainer I have ever worked with knew **** all about most of these things. But they pretended they knew what they were talking about... Thats a fraud. Outgrowing a trainer who can only show you so much is one thing but EVERY trainer should know the fundamentals... if there not their a joke.
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