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Default Sparring and weight divisions

Im 11st, (154lbs) ish. Tonight i sparred with a guy 11.11st and he felt strong beyond belief. I didn't think this was such a big weight gap, but it felt like he walked right through everything i threw at him. He is very experianced though, nearly 30 fights at amature level. Im only 5. Seemed i couldn't do much to cause him any problems. Felt abit embarressed to be honest.

Was also forced to take a knee tonight buy a 9st fighter! this however doesn't worry me, seen him knock guys much heavier than me down with viscious body blows. I recovered well and boxed nicely against him for a couple of rounds. He is lethal and will be a pro soon mark my words.

What im asking is, what do you guys think is a suitable weight difference to spar with? Should that extra weight really cause me that many problems?
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