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Default Re: Was Angelo Dundee a great trainer or a yes man

He was a great CORNERMAN. And a great CUT-MAN. I see that on film.

As a trainer, who are we to say ? Unless you were trained by Dundee your opinion doesn't mean much. I assume he was a good trainer, at least. But guys like Ali and Leonard didn't really need much training when they turned pro. Ali especially wouldn't have listened or even benefitted from listening to someone who tried to "train" him too much.

I hate some of the stuff I read on this forum denigrating certain trainers, (for example, the Petronellis, or Victor Valle, or whoever, proper old school guys) as being "not great" or "mediocre" and then suggesting a Manny Steward is clearly much "greater". It seems that fame, name recognition, and self-publicity trainers automatically get called great at the expense of others. And saying that, I acknowledge that Manny Steward must be pretty damn good trainer. I just hate it when some fool on this site says something like " .... Gerry ****ey would have been better had he had a Manny Steward in his corner!" ..... a total insult to ****ey's actual trainers, and totally unfounded too.

Also, I think being a "great" trainer has nothing to do with working with great fighters. It should be measured by how far a trainer brings a kid from that kid's own starting point. It could mean getting a feeble bullied child far enough to stand his ground and fight back in a 3-round fight with some semblance of boxing. I think that takes more doing than calling up Lennox Lewis and telling him you can help him regain the championship.
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