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Default Re: Was Angelo Dundee a great trainer or a yes man

Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
my comment wont hold much weight cause ive never been trained by Dundee or been around a gym with him.

But i wouldnt say he was a great TRAINER in the typical sense as he didnt really train his guys. He was the old school trainer think Arcel kinda mould. He came in on the last few weeks of training and just did the finishing off. And he was just your gym rat with good observations in sparring etc.. but he dosent strike me as the guy that would be doing conditioning with his fighters and making them do rounds on bags there would be someone else doing that. I think he has admitted to not being your typical trainer.

A good ****ogy IMO is that you have the trainers who train the guys day to day they are like a file slowly shaping the metal roughly then Angelo Dundee is the emery cloth that just smooths it off into a nice shiny finish

He must be good at what he did though. Also he was a greta cornerman theres not much more gusy i would want ahead of Dundee in my corner. Just so savvy.
Just because your not working the pads with your fighter doesnt mean your not a good trainer. I think your describing the older version of Dundee as well. He was around when he was younger, but youre somewhat right in that assistants took a lot of the daily routines, but I dont discount him for that. He ultimately sets the gameplan and is in control of the fight and the fighters mind which is the most important. Most of the old school trainers had assitants, including Futch and D'amato, etc. Emanuel Steward is one of the few older guys who actually gets in the ring and works the mitts with his fighters, but eventually that will stop too. Freddie Roach, was an assitant to Futch, as was Thell Thorrance. When these guys go away to training camp, their trainer is there on a daily basis.
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