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Default Re: Was Angelo Dundee a great trainer or a yes man

Originally Posted by HyperBone View Post
I give him lots of credit, but he also had all the luck for training naturally talented fighters.

He's the Phil Jackson of this sport.
It really doesnt matter how much talent you have. If its not guided correctly it wont succeed. Phil Jackson is a perfect example. The Lakers couldnt do **** with all the talent they had until Phil showed up.
Look what Emanuel Steward did for Lennox Lewis. Look what Freddie Roach has done with Manny Pac. It takes a well trained eye to spot that talent.
In the immortal words of Cus D'amto, "I uncover and discover. I see a spark. I feed the spark until becomes a flame. I feed the flame until it becomes a roaring blaze". One of the things that is most overated on this board is the importance of a good boxing mind in a fighters corner. Its like having the best and fastest race car. If you dont know how to drive it what good is it? The boxer trainer relationship is paramount to success, especially prolonged success. Look at fighters who change trainers a lot, there is a lot of inconsistency in their performances.
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