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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Nwil
ok, firstly, Ingar, keep arguing for your bicep curls and have fun doing them, I really don't care. Secondly, even though 2-5 reps won't build as much mass as 8-12, it still does to a certain degree. I was doing that type of strength training 3 days a week (not consecutive) and after about a month my muscles were feeling heavier. So I only do it once or twice a week now, with my other strength training session being mainly bodyweight stuff, and only do the explosive compound lifts.
Did I argue for bicep curls? Read my posts again, I was merely stating a point in which saying "bicep training" being useless isn't a correct statement.
In my very first post I said compound movements are the way to go, movements such as the clean and jerk, the snatch, squats. Probably movements you mostly don't know how to do, and movements I do nearly every day. So you saying for me to have fun with "my bicep curls" annoys the **** outta me.
When did I say you would not gain weight from doing 2-5 reps?
Hypertrophy (muscular gain) accounts for greater strength, it's one of the main methods for gaining strength when it comes to any sport, and any strength training method.

How fast and strong, pound for pound, do you think this guy is?
Compared to guys who only do pushups and bodyweight squats...


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