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Default Re: If Andre Ward stays disciplined with his jab, he should beat Kessler easy

Originally Posted by christo View Post
Just because you post a long thread doesn't mean it means you know this sport. you're just another biased hip hop fanboy who thinks kessler will lose because he's white then you'll logoff never to be seen again sunday morning. Listen eminem, ward hasn't proven he could last with a steiglitz, andrade, a green, or a froch. What makes you think he can last w/ an elite like kessler. Kessler hasn't done **** since calzaghe? Dumbass, he did more than ward 5 times over before he fought calzaghe. Wards been beating pudwill's, camou's, kost's, and wilson's..............and beat by decision a shop worn miranda who sucked to begin with. Kessler's been beating world champs when ward was just starting to fight without headgear. And another thing boy, experience means almost everything in the pros. The ams are one thing, the pros entirely another.
Your post is full of bias, and bull. No substance to it at all.
Stieglitz? Andrade? Green? Froch? You know that out of those guys Kesslers only fought Andrade, and I'd consider each and everyone one of them C class fighters at best. And you remember that Green lost to Miranda dont you?

Fact is, even though Ward is only 25, his resume is not that much far apart from Kesslers. kessler beat a shop worn Beyer, Mundine, Andrade and thats about it. Neither one would I consider elite, they were sad to say this, paper champs, much like Karol Balzay or Stieglitz.

And what makes Kessler elite? Elite level is guys like Calzaghe. He got pummeled by a true elite. Kessler is good. He hasnt done anything to get that distinction. His resume is hella weak in comparison to someone like Chad Dawson.

Experience wont win this fight. Skills and Will only.
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