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Default Re: Do yous think it's counter-productive to spar with people much bigger?

When I first started I didn't get why my "trainer" constantly put me in the ring with huge blokes and angry ****s off the street who would beat the **** me right in front of him.

Since taking a break from training I realized he was actually watching me handle fear and being in highly stressful situations under his controlled environment.

It's about developing fortitude, character and brain power when the odds are against you.

I think it is very good for building a fighting character, it was counter productive at the time for me because I was only new and thought he didn't like me, so therefore I didn't understand the exercise and therefore why I couldn't handle the big guys or stressful situations well.

9 time out of 10 the heavys are taking it easy on you anyway, its your mind that plays tricks on you when you're scared. Correcting that and working out how to fix the predicament is the whole point of the exercise.
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