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Default Re: Who did you have winning, J L Ramirez vs Edwin Rosario

Originally Posted by gooners!! View Post
So at what point do you think Chavez started to slip?
I think he had some good early performances at 130 (Martinez, Mayweather) but then he started getting too big for the weight and started putting in some lacklustre performances after draining himself to make 130 (Laporte, Lockridge). At 135 he looked as good as he ever did against Edwin Rosario. His fight against Ramirez was a little lacklustre but that happens when brothers in law fight.

At 140 I thought he lost a little sharpness, but he was still putting in consistently good performances from 89-93. He was much more patient in these years, not wasting energy unnecessarily. For instance if you look at the Lonnie Smith fight, he is more than content for Smith to prance around the ring for 2 and a half minutes and then he'd put on short bursts to seal the round and get the decision. A younger, hungrier Chavez might have tried to pulverize him instead of letting him give him the run around.

I think after the Whitaker fight he clearly lost something, certainly in motivation, maybe in belief too. His bubble burst, and I don't really think he cared all that much, given how long he had been fighting. He tried to milk the 'getting to 100 wins' angle, but he wasn't willing to get himself into the shape needed to fend of hungry fighters like Randall who were waiting for their chance to make it big.

So all in all, his prime would have been at lightweight, he lost a little speed and sharpness in moving to 140, but then exited his prime well and truly after his fight with Pete at welter.

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