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Default Re: debunking the myth of louis being completely past it ...

Originally Posted by keure View Post
when he fought marciano.
First let me start by saying ali was the greatest heavy of all time, but i feel like marciano has grown very underapreciated/ undrrated over the years. I would place marciano as 4 or 5 on an all time heavys list, probably 4. That list being, 1. ali, 2. louis, 3. Dempsey, 4. Marciano, 5. johnson followed closely by the likes of foreman holyfield tyson lewis. However over the years people have become so quick to discredit marcianos achievements because they feel his best comp was past their prime when they fought. First of all if that was the case their is nothing he could do about it and secondly he did retire undefeated which with an amazing ko percentage which in terms of accomplishment still has not been matched. Lastly i rank louis ahead of marciano on my all time list because i take eveythiong in to account, his longevity his durability and his competition, howvever i feel marciano beats louis at any point in his carreer in terms of head to head competition. Marciano had dynamite in both fists and marathon runner stamina, they said that he would wake up in december and run 15 miles in the snow. I think even in louis's prime marcaino knocks him out cold while behind on the cards in a close fight. Lastly when marciano fought louis, louis was not as past it as most louis fans would like you to believe, louis was 37, look at vitali klit at nearly 39 and what george foreman and bhop are and were able to do in their mid 40's, but more than just the age it was his activity, activity is a fighters best friend, and louis fought 8 times in the 11 months prior to the marciano fight beating the likes of jimmy bivins and cesar brion( 79 -20, and 29-3 respectively) so he wasnt really that past it after all i mean 8 victories in 10 months , 2 over very good comp, the myth of him being completely past it was created to protect his image and rightfully so. Louis was an amzing champion, who is deservingly one of the 3 greatest heavys of all time, but he really wasnt that past it when he got knocked out against marciano, and the result would have occured at any point in his career.
Louis had 9 fights after being beaten by Charles, he scored 3 stoppages ,over Andy Walker , Freddie Beshore , and Lee Savold.

Walker and Beshore had both been stopped 3 times at that point and Savold had been stopped 8 times.
Louis was a greatly diminished fighter when he fought Marciano,his reflexes were half of what they had been and his ko right hand was sheathed in rust.
Because he had been so great in his prime he could still dominate a lot of average contenders.
Anyone who thinks he was even 60% of what he had been is kidding themselves.

Marciano had to walk through the Louis jab, and weather a few left hooks to acheive his victory, but he was not subjected to blazing combinations or pole axe right hands ,and once inside his youth and strength told on the older man ,until eventually Louis's aging legs betrayed him.

Whether Louis, in his prime could have defeated Marciano is open for debate,though I think he would have.
What is not open for debate is that the man facing Marciano that night was no longer the Brown Bomber

Glimpses of that fighter were last seen against Walcott in their return fight.
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