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Default Re: Kubrat Pulev pro debut

Originally Posted by ogii3 View Post
Odo, nice words for our country You must come for sure some day. And you are right that Bulgaria is not the best place to develop yourself as a pro boxer, regarding lack of promotors and boxing shows.
But you missed some points. Kubrat Pulev is not the guy who will start to learn German language. I saw him, when he communicates very well with Doring in the hotel before and after the match just with some words in English.

Kubrat knows how to act in front of press and how to make noise around himself. I think his English and even with the help of translator he may present some positive mood during press conference and interviews. He also has amazing live story.

About coaches, i am still thinking that Bulgarian coaches are far better then Germans, not only in amateur. Yes, you are right that Wegner has great experience leading his guys, but in order of preparation, game plan etc, some of Bulgarian trainers are on very high level, just they do not have a chance to work, because we don't have promotions.
I dont know,ogii!

Pro fighting and amateur fighting are close relative,but they are still two different pairs of shoes,so to speak.
A good example: Alexander Zimin. He was a highly decorated and heralded amateur coach back then in the old soviet union and later in Russia.
A great trainer-I am sorry to say this ,but there is no Bulgarian amateur coach who can hold a candle to Zimin nor are they that many coaches out there who can.
But......................did you watch him when he was in Valuev's corner during the Haye fight?
No plan B,no strategy.He advised his boy to use his jab when he was losing the fight and needed a ko to win that fight( okay,the official scorecards were close,but no way would any judge have scored that fight a draw outside Germany).
Instead of advising him to play it rough,corner Haye and wrestle him down putting his weight on the Brit's shoulder,Zimin continued telling his boy that he should use his jab more often.
Zimin's lack of experience in the pro circus was obvious.
The German or German based top trainers know the ropes,ogii!

As for Pulev's language skills he has to speak either German or English quite well to be able to earn big bucks in the German or western market,ogii.Thats the way it works here!
I am absolutely positive that Pulev will pick up German quite quickly if he knows that the command of that language can fill his pockets with decent sums of money

As for Bulgaria, I have already been there.Sorrowly,just a few days.
However,I ve met so many nice and likeable Bulgarians outside Bulgaria( and chicks,too)-especially in Spain,Germany,and the Czech Republic.
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